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Servodrive for  DC motors.

Colibrì® is a compact bidirectional 4-quadrant analog servo drive designe for the control of DC motors with permante magnets up to 3.5Nm.

Managed by an input for speed or torque reference of the differential type +/- 10V, it is equipped with regulation for the acceleration and deceleration ramps. 

Colibrì® (CB) is available in two different variants to power motors with voltages between 20 and 110V d.c. and with 4 current sizes from 1A up to 10A nominal.

Two feedbacks are available, from Armature or from Tachometer Dynamo.

Technical Data

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Type CB060

Sizes  U.m. 1 2,5 6 10
Supply voltage VDC 60VDC
Min/Max Supply  voltage VDC 20÷80 VDC
Rated current A 1 2,5 6
Peak current for 2” A 2 5 12
Weight Kg 0,30

Type CB110

Sizes  U.m. 1 2,5 6 10
Supply Voltage VDC 110VDC
Min/Max Supply voltage VDC 30÷130 VDC
Rated current A 1 2,5 6
Peak current for 2” A 2 5 12
Weight Kg 0,30


Technical Data

Main Features

Control method
Analog speed regulation loop.

- for DC PM motors (rotary motor).

Main reference

±10V differential speed and torque

Auxiliary reference

- not present

Frequency reference


- Variant on request for PWM signal control signal

Main feedback


- Armature
- Tachogenerator

Control Mode


- Speed with acceleration and deceleration ramps adjustable by trimmer.


- Torque control

Technical features


- Driver OK consent with open collector transistor (NPN max 30mA)
- Differential speed reference input +/-10V
- Enable input from +5 to 30VDC
- Motor current control test point +/-5V (peak current)
- Input impedance 22K Ohm
- Outputs +10V and+10V 3mA

 Trimmer adjustments

- Zero offset adjustment.
- Maximum speed fine adjustment.
- Proportional/integral gain adjustment.
- Derivative gain adjustment.

Drive and motor protection

- Motor short circuit
- Power over/under voltage
- Heatksing overtemperature
- Rated current limit