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Linear Servo Actuator

The linear servoactuators are brushless motors with hollow shaft for DIN 69051 ballscrew to be inserted in. The nut is fitted in the rotor and rotates with it, and the screw goes through the rotor. Two versions available:
  • BSD type with hollow shaft closed on one side, used as a jack. It can receive screws with strokes from 220mm to 300mm depending on motor size.
  • BSP type with hollow (through hole) shaft suitable for receiving screws of any lengths. Usable both as a jack, with the motor fixed and the screw sliding and as a linear motor with the screw fixed on both sides and the motor sliding on a linear guideway.
The motor has holes for the mounting of the linear guideways. Both models have a hole for greasing the nut and they are equipped with a double row angular contact ball bearing (contact angle of 60°).

Three sizes of square-shaped motor are available: 85, 110 and 145mm. These motors are designed for Ø16, Ø25, Ø32, Ø40 screwballs.

The servomotors with integrated ballscrew offer high axial thrust from1800N to 36000N, high dynamics and small dimensions.
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