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Brushless Drives


Brushless Drives: TomCat460 The TomCat460™ (TMC460™)  are bidirectional sinusoidal four-quadrant brushless servodrives, with internal braking switch, supplied with 400/460VAC  3Phases with rated current up to 3Amps.They control rotary, linear, tubolar brushless servomotors and DC permanent magnets servomotors.

Designed around a high efficiency heatsink does not require forced ventilation up to 1.3kW it allows a very compact size ( Dim: 47x196x136,5 mm ). Dimension reduced of 67%. More space in the electrical panel.
Inputs and Outputs: +/-10V Analog differential speed reference input - 0/10V Aux reference - 6 digital Iputs - 3 Digital Outputs - Pulse/Direction/Aux Encoder input - RS232 for programming
Feedbadk from Incremental Encoder 5V Ld with/without Halls or from absolute encoder SSI. 
ModbusRTU and CanOpen DS402
Firmware applications:
Acceleration/deceleration ramp settable, Torque control, Multipositioner, Electronic gear.
Software interface : Caliper that allows saving/loading parameters, gain regulation. Supplied with tools for noise suppression, auto-phasing of the motor, detection/suppression of the Cogging motor.
Safe Torque Off Input* (STO: IEC61800-5-2:2007)*

*This safety function is pending approval by TUV.

Main Supply
3Ph 400/460V
Drive Size
1.5/3 3/6
Rated Current (A) 1.5 3
Peak Current for 2" (A)
3 6
Min/Max AC Power Supply (V rms )
3Ph x 400V -15%÷3Ph x 460V +10%
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